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Complete Eye exam center
The complete optometric examination includes a through examination of your eyes and determine the presence of any vision problem, eye disease or other abnormalities. It includes:
• Health History Review.
• Visual Acuity test
• Retinal Check up (brief) pupils dilated
• Refraction (eye glass determination)
• Eye health check up (cataract check up)
Complete contact lens Evaluation.

Patients desiring contact lenses for cosmetic or special  needs are cared for in this service.
•   Soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are prescribed for patients who are near sighted (myopia),      far  sighted (hyp) for patients  Have  astigmation, or are in need of bifocal correction.
•   Another option for patients is the enhancement or change of eye colour with tinted soft contact lenses.
•   There are different options soft contact lenses (disposable  & conventional users)
•   We provide the follow up care that is important as the    proper initial fitting& lens prescribing.
•   If you have been told that you are met a good    candidate for contact lenses in the past, please  reconsider      contact lenses as an option again.

•   We  would be happy to re- evaluate your ability to successfully wear contact lenses  call us on 9811258748
•  We have complimentary lenses you can try at home  on a trial basis to see if you like them.
•   We are authorized dealers for Baush&Lomb, J&J, Cubavision
•   Silklens, purecon, Cooper Vision contact Lenses.
•   We have our own Contact lens express Service Centre ,where we Clean / steralize your lenses within 24-    36hrs.
•   Cleaning procedures includes proper C.L secrlization
•   Protein removal, other removal of lens deposits.

Low vision Aids :
This Service is dedicated to helping people of all ages with vision impairment, by providing the necessary clinical care for diagnosis, management &     treatment of low vision. Vision loss can effect people of all ages, disease such as muscular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension are     common causes of low vision.  Low vision results from certain conditions such as albinism or Retinitis pigmentosa, And is often an outcome of strike, Head or eye injury or neurological  condition.
 Low vision rehabilitation enables patients to perform daily living tasks and to olive independently, there by allowing for professional & personal     fulfillment  of life goals. Low vision rehabilitation enables patients to perform daily living tasks and to live independently, there by allowing for     professional & personal fulfillment  of life goals.Low vision rehabilitation is vital improving ones quality of life.
Vision Therapy (eye Exercises):
This service provides complete diagnostic & therapeutic care for children and adults with vision problems , ranging from eye teaming and focusing disorders ; …... ( lazy eye ) and learning related vision problems. vision therapy employs a sequential programmed of procedures and techniques to achieve the goal of improved visual performance. The use of lenses, prisms and other optical therapy is an integral pact of success programme.
Pros metric shells & artificial eyes:
Patients with infused , scared or disfigured eyes, either seeing or non- seeing can be fitted with ocular prosthetic patients who have lost there eyes through accidents, disease or genetic conditions , as well as those already ……… prosthetic shells , can be seen for initial fittings , modifications & regular follow up care . Service includes designing & fittings prismatic eyes to achieve an ideal cosmetic match to the reaming eye.
Optical service:
Our optical service provides high quality frames and lenses for ones style, occupational and recreational needs. Frames of all ages , infants to adults are available . Our service range from spectacles For general use, to specialty lenses for sports , hobbies , or occupational use. Wide range of scratch resistance and anti - reflective coatings , lens designs & tints are available . As a country , eyewear adjustments and cleaning are provided without an appointment
Eye Accessories :
A wide range of spectacle strings ( amazing designs all available ) cleaning solutions.



Complete Eye exam center

Complete contact lens Evaluation
Low vision Aids
Vision Therapy (eye Exercises)
Pros metric shells & artificial eyes
Optical service
Eye Accessories
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